Öhlin goes all in for the finals

Postad av Mediaempire 2009-09-24 14:33

ohlin_m033_1 Seven points behind Jonas Gelzinis in fifth place. custodia outlet samsung Martin Öhlin goes all in to reach his aim. – I WILL be in top five. cover custodia samsung Do or die. iphone cover This season started in the sandpit at Mantorp Park, a flat tyre made the car uncontrollable and Öhlin ended up watching the premiere from the side. covero iphone But he got his revenge during the second race weekend, a double win at Karlskoga and huge satisfaction in the team and amongst the sponsors. – That´s how it should be! Double victories are a typical good thing that I will repeat a lot more times in my career, says Martin Öhlin. Öhlin was for a long period present in the top fight, but a couple of individual mistakes including a harsh huggig contest with team mate Tony Rickardsson in the tight first corner of Falkenberg, has taken its share of the points and antagonist Jonas Gelzinis snuck past Öhlin to fifth place. – My aim was to be in the top fight, but unfortunately I have visited the sand pits a bit too often. After Våler I had to turn down the expectations on myself and focus on fighting for top five instead. Martin Öhlin is still very satisfied with the season. – I have had the joy to work with a superprofessional team, where everyone from my dear father to sponsors have both participated during the race weekends and worked really hard to gain success. Now it´s up to me to thank everyone by doing a good job in the finals at Mantorp. cover iphone custodia outlet The top fight at Mantorp Park stands between reigning champion Jocke Mangs and Öhlins team mate Tony Rickardsson, 26 points are keeping them apart, and Christer ”Cralle” Lindholm are chasing them a few points behind Rickardsson. – They will fight to their last breath for the victory, and that might suit me just fine since I can use the situations they will put themselves into.