Martin Öhlin finish the season on the podium

Postad av Mediaempire 2009-09-26 16:05


For the last time this year Martin Öhlin jumped up on the podium and received a trophy in the 2009 season of the Porsche Carrera Cup.

After a severe crash at the start and finish straight, the last race in this year’s Carrera Cup race ends behind the Safety Car. It was in the middle of the race that Mattias Stålknapp spun and crashed into the railing, just before the finish line. The rescue operation would take more time than what remained of the leg and therefore the race was suspended. Instead the result was determined by the car position when the accident happened.

This means that Martin Öhlin ended in third place in the race. In order to achieve his personal goal to reach the top five in the championship, he had been forced to pass Edward Sandström and finish second.
– Although it is never fun to finish a race like this, I am obviously delighted to be on the podium. But really I wanted to be an investment in the future. Now I missed my personal goal to reach the top five by 2-3 points, but now it became like this, “says Martin.

Martin Öhlin is planning to run the Porsche Carrera Cup again next year, but with much better results.
– I think I’ve had my lows now, so next year we are aiming much, much higher. And of course it promises well for next year to finish 2009 at the podium, he continues.