Class victory at Nordschleife

Postad av Martin Öhlin 2009-10-18 20:46


This wednesday I got the question if I´d like to drive another race at classic racetrack Nürburgring Nordschleife. After an extremely short time of thinking I booked a flight and sent in my application for the race. A difficult qualification with mixed rain and some sun ended with us in 29th on the grid, out of 168 cars. Not completely satisfied but we knew that we had the chance of advancing. I drove the first stint and everything was running smoothly. On my lap seven out of nine planned it started to rain heavily, so we decide to change to rain tyres and also to change driver. When we did the pit stop we were in 21th place in total. Unfortunately the rain stopped quite quickly so we had to make another stop to change to slicks again. After that everything ran smoothly and and we finished in 27th totally an won our class masterfully.

To drive the Nordschleife is an experience, but it´s something completely else when it´s wet…