Martin Öhlin stays in top-3 after rainy weekend

Postad av Mediaempire 2010-05-11 12:39

After probably the worlds tightest qualification in Carrera Cup Scandinavia on Friday, Martin Öhlin started 6th on the grid, only 0,143 second from pole position. Öhlin got a good start and was heading for the front of the row. In a tight corner he switched some paint with last years champion Jocke Mangs who spun and had to pit.

In the chase of the leaders Martin Öhlin tried to overtake returning champion of 2007, Edward Sandström who closed the door abruptly and Öhlin spun.
– I had to make a proper burn out to get back on the track, that finished my tires prematurely and I had to stay behind, says Öhlin who finished sixth in the first heat.

In heat two on Saturday Martin Öhlin started from fourth position in the grid since he had the fourth fastest lap time in heat one. Light rain was dripping from the dark skies and all cars started on rain tyres. This seasons new rain tyres didn´t work very well with Öhlins set-up and he finished eight. Luckily this weekend saw many of the top contenders spinning and having problems, so Öhlin is third overall in the championship.
– It wasn´t a race meeting to remember, but I´m happy to be in the top, says Öhlin.

Heat 1, Ring Knutstorp:

1 Edward Sandström 19 varv
2 Oscar Palm +0.264
3 Robin Rudholm +1.208
4 Fredrik Larsson +1.925
5 Linus Ohlsson +3.547
6 Martin Öhlin +3.828
7 Mattias Stålknapp +13.405
8 Roar Lindland +21.222
9 Jan West +23.923
10 Patrik Skoog +26.226

Heat 2, Ring Knutstorp:

1: Robin Rudholm 19 varv
2: Cemoni Ohlsson + 0,159
3: Edward Sandström + 7,808
4: Jan Brunstedt + 11,826
5: Fredrik Larsson + 16,864
6: Lars-Bertil Rantzow + 17,500
7: Mattias Stålknapp + 20,153
8: Martin Öhlin + 28,499

Video from the weekend (in swedish):