Tough qualifying for Martin Öhlin

Postad av Mediaempire 2011-07-01 19:12

WestCoast Racing had a mixed qualifying at Falkenberg. Richard Göransson went through to Q2 where he qualified sixth thus securing sixth starting sport for tomorrows first race.
“It’s weird but I’m actually happy. Normally I’m not happy with sixth place but I am this time. I feel I got everything out from me and the car this. We qualified as the best BMW and it’s difficult to ask for more in qualifying here,” Richard says.

He will now start sixth tomorrow and believes he has a good chance for the race. He started in a similar position here last year and went on to finish third and second in the two races.
“Sixth place might not be an ideal starting position but it was a similar case last year so I feel we have a good chance. The car feels very good over a race stint and we know that is where we are strong. I’m going to bed feeling happy and motivated for tomorrow.”

Martin Öhlin had a worse qualifying than his team mate and only finished 17th overall, three tenths from eight place and Q2 and only five tenths from pole.
“The car felt good but it just wasn’t enough. There’s nothing more to say, of course I’m not happy with this. The car felt good though so we will have to try and repair as much as possible tomorrow but the race is gonna be very tough,” Martin summarized.

Race 1 starts 1:05 pm followed by the second race 3:35 pm.

Qualifying, top eight Falkenberg:
1: F. Ekblom, Volkswagen 45,371
2: R. Rydell, Chevrolet + 0,063
3: Tommy Rustad, Volvo + 0,090
4: J. Kristoffersson, Volkswagen + 0,152
5: R. Eriksson, SEAT + 0,292
6: R. Göransson, BMW + 0,342
7: P. Olsson, Volkswagen + 0,412
8: C. Turkington, BMW + 0,416

17: M. Öhlin, BMW 46,002