Martin happy with first two testdays

Postad av Mediaempire 2011-09-05 16:43

Two happy drivers left Ring Knutstorp and heads back home after two good test days in Skåne. custodia samsung shop Despite a rainy second day the team managed to get a lot done. cover iphone outlet Four time champion Richard Göransson is pleased with the start of the pre season tests. cover shop online – Now we are installed and on our way, he says. huawei custodia We’ve had two productive days where we also had the opportunity to gel the team with all the old and new mechanics this year. Despite the rain today we had a good second day, it gave us a chance to fine tune our rain set-ups and test some new ideas from last year. It’s great to be back on track again and the chase for the fifth title is under way! The first two testdays with WestCoast Racing and in the touring car BMW has left Martin Öhlin with plenty of ideas for the coming tests. custodia samsung s7 edge He is very happy with the start of the year. – This has been very useful and I’ve learnt a lot, he says. It’s been awesome to compare my data with Richard’s and it gave me a lot of ideas to try out. I’ve been able to test a lot of new things and we have more to test next week.