Martin ready for turn-around

Postad av Mediaempire 2011-09-16 17:28

Martin Öhlin looks forward to the city race in Gothenburg this weekend, his first taste of city race in the STCC-car and he already has a gameplan. cover custodia samsung “It seems to be a trend this year that drivers from the area where we race are driving into me. iphone custodia outlet So this weekend I will avoid such drivers which means avoiding the Volvo-drivers. The best way is to be in front of them,” he says. He’s had a mixed start to his first season in STCC. He’s been showing he has the speed and has been the fastest BMW-driver so far but has not the results to show for that. Something he hopes can be changed this weekend. “It’s about time for that and why not in Gothenburg which is a bit like the race of the year. I enjoy it there, the atmosphere with racing in the city and with a lot of specatators is good for you as a driver. custodia outlet samsung It’s also a fun track to drive, being close to the walls gives you the same kind of extra focus you have racing at a track like Nordschleife and a single mistake can be very costly. You have a extra level of focus and that is a graet feeling.” After having been the sole driver in the team the last few race weekends Martin Öhlin once again has a team mate. Richard Göransson returns to STCC after his violent crash in Denmark in April and the injuries he got there. Martin is happy to have a team mate again. “It’s great to have Richard back. It especially benefits me to be able to compare my data with his and having two cars in the team to try things on. It’s a big thing for the whole team and I have great expectations for this weekend. It will be fun and the goal is of course to head back home with two great results with me. It’s about time!” An optimism for the weekend is also shared by team manager Dick Jönsson Wigroth, happy to have Richard back in the team and see WestCoast Racing as a two-car team again. iphone custodia outlet Something he thinks is positive for the whole team. “Gothenburg track is difficult race track but we always have a nice weekend racing there. iphone cover outlet This will be an extra nice weekend for us since Richard is back which motivates the whole team. cover iphone 8 plus custodia outlet Martin has been really quick so far and he has shown we have a great car and proved he is capable of using that. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the results to show for that but we know that will come. Now we have two cars again and can share data between them which is an advantage for both us and the drivers.