Martin Öhlin qualifies sixth in weather mixed qualifying

Postad av Mediaempire 2011-09-27 18:07

Qualifying at Jyllandsringen proved to be challenging for WestCoast Racing as the weather conditions changed quickly back and forth during the two qualifying rounds. In the end Martin Öhlin qualified sixth while Richard Göransson qualified tenth. Martin Öhlin was quite satisfied with his qualifying given the circumstances. “I’m actually quite pleased. samsung custodia outlet We went through to Q2 and there we did the best we could considering how it developed. This was needed and I’m looking forward to the races tomorrow,” Martin said. He managed to set a time in his first qualifying round in Q1 good enough for a spot in top eight and Q2. There he chosed to drive on rain tyres, a choice that was right in the beginning with a wet track and rain in the air. But as the track quickly dried up in the last two minutes four cars out on slicks managed to improve and qualify ahead. custodia de samsung galaxy “It’s easy to be wise now when you see how it developed but we are second best in the group that decided to run Q2 on rain tyres despite the fact I was just saving the tyres in the end to see if the conditions would change again. I think we have a prettyt good chance in the two races tomorrow,” Martin concluded. Richard Göransson got to look back at a qualifying where the choice of tyres were just a little out of sync and he missed Q2 with a small margin. custodia iphone He started out on slicks and banked on a time good enought for eight spot. But in a small window where the track dried out just enough for two drivers out on slicks to improve their times before the rain returned, Richard was unable to improve and had to end qualifying with the 10th best time. iphone cover outlet “We just simply timed it wrong and had wrong tyres at the wrong time. cover iphone 7 plus custodia outlet It is what it is. Now we just have to try harder in the race tomorrow and go for a lot of overtaking moves,” Richard said.