Martin Öhlin secures front row start

Postad av Mediaempire 2011-09-28 14:31

Martin Öhlin secured a front row start for the second race at Jyllandsringen by finishing seventh in the first STCc-race at Jyllandsringen. covero iphone He held on to his sixth place through most of the race as he and Johan Sturesson where chasing the two Volkswagens hard as they defended their positions hard. Towards the end Martin lost sixth position after a small mistake under braking. ”It was not an easy race to drive. The car was much more difficult to drive now than it has been previously this weekend and the Volkswagens defended themselves hard. It was impossible to find a way past them. In the end I made a small mistake which gave Mattias a chance to pass me,” Martin said afterwards. He will now start in second place for the afternoon race and with some rain coming in over Jyllandsringen he hopes to finish the weekend in Denmark on a good note. custodia silicone samsung a8 ”We have to find something out for the next race. I will line up on the outside again but this time I just have one car in front of me. We have a good opportunity to finish in a strong position, I’m usually strong in the rain so we will see what the weather will be up to. I can promise you we will go for it no matter what,” Martin finished. Richard Göransson’s race ended quickly as he got sandwhiched between two cars in the hairpin which made the BMW airborn and severly damaged. After a pitstop the decision was taken that the car was too damaged to continue the race with and Göransson was forced to retire. He will now line up in 16th position for the next race. ”I got sandwhiched between Tarquini and Rydell and had nowhere to go and all three of us were forced to retire. The rear wheels were pointing in all kind of directions. It’s part of racing as they say, I guess even we will be forced to retire from a race. samsung custodia outlet We will recharge for the next race, starting from 16th position will probably be quite exciting,” Richard said. cover custodia huawei Next race starts 15.35. Result top , race 1 Jyllandsringen: 1. Tommy Rustad, Volvo 16 laps 2. Colin Turkington, BMW + 1,977 3. Fredrik Ekblom, Volkswagen + 10,391 4. Johan Kristofersson, Volkswagen + 11,673 5. cover iphone 8 plus custodia Johan Stureson, BMW + 12,176 6. Mattias Andersson, Alfa Romeo + 12,796 7. Martin Öhlin, BMW + 13,179 8.