Martin believes in points, a lot of points

Postad av Mediaempire 2011-09-30 19:01

The home track awaits WestCoast Racing. The fast track in Falkenberg has been a favourite track for WestCoast Racing through the years with a driver in the podium in every race since 2004. Richard Göransson has four podium finishes including one victory at this track from the last four races. He has one aim only for this weekend. cover iphone custodia “It’s an high and ambitious goal but of course we aim to be on the podium in both races. iphone 8 plus custodia outlet This is our home track and we will have a team party afterwards so why not celebrate with a few podiums? I’m not in the championship fight now so good race weekends feels extra important and this is a track where we usually perform strong,” Richard says. The weekend started on Thursday with an official STCC-test. Richard had the sixth fastest time but doesn’t think that has any bearings on the weekend. “Testing is always testing, immediately afterwards you are kind of confused since we test so many different things every time. Of course I’m not happy with the time but I’m very happy with the feeling in the car. We don’t get any points for testing and it’s completely different when it’s time for qualifying and race. The weather seems to be a bit more cold tomorrow and on Saturday so that will change things also. As I said, we have set high targets.” Martin Öhlin spent his test day driving a lot of laps as the team worked on different settings on his car. He ended the test day with 13th fastest time. “Of course I’m not happy being so far down in the time sheets but this was not that kind of test day. We tested a lot of new settings on the car and that was our focus. samsung custodia s8 Now I will have to sit down and go through all the things we tested but the weekend has started,” Martin says. He aims for a lot of points this weekend as he wants to climb in the championship. samsung custodia original He enjoys the Falkenberg track where he has race the Porsche the last three seasons and believes he will have a good weekend. “The track likes me and I like the track. It’s a fun track to race at but at the same time very difficult and you can easily lose a lot of time. custodia samsung outlet I enjoy it here and believe we can have a good weekend. It wouldn’t be bad to points with us from this weekend, and it would be really good with a lot of points from this weekend. That is an obvious goal, score as many points as possible.” The race weekend starts Friday afternoon with free practice followed by qualifying later in the afternoon.