Martin Öhlin secures front row start in Karlskoga

Postad av Mediaempire 2012-08-18 13:37

Martin Öhlin continues to set top times during the TTA weekend at Gelleråsen. After having posted the second fastest time in both practice sessions yesterday, Martin fought with championship leader Fredrik Ekblom for pole position in todays qualifying for the race later this afternoon. In the end only a tenth seperated them when qualifying was redflagged with one minute to go. Martin was pleased with his first front row start in TTA.
“Finally! Now it worked as it’s supposed to do and I didn’t even feel like I had to push very hard to get the time. We definetly have the speed this weekend and pole was possible today but I’m happy with second place on the grid. We are on the outside line in the start and as it looks right now that’s the dry line but we’ll have to wait and see. I look forward to the race and I’m very pleased,” Martin said.

His team mates endured a worse qualifying session. Richard Göransson, winner of the last round, qualified a dissapointed 12th after getting caought out by the red flag when he was yet to do his qualifying lap on slicks.
“We just didn’t get the timing right. I had a lap to do on slicks when it was red flagged and we were not on it when it dried up. It sucks to be honest,” he said.

Fredrik Larsson struggled with brake problems during his qualifying and no matter what he did, the brake balance changed and he was dissapointed ending up 13th.
“The brakes just didn’t work properly, a problem we had yesterday that got even worse today. It disrupts the driving and you get lose the rythm and can’t do a good time. We must find a solution for this for the race, right now it’s not very fun,” Fredrik said about his qualifying.

Andreas Ebbesson was just as puzzled after having had problems all weekend. He qualified 15th.
“It’s a disaster. It just doesn’t work for us this weekend and I don’t know why. This will be a tough race.”

The race starts 15:15.

Result, top 10, Qualifying TTA Gelleråsen:
1: Fredrik Ekblom 1:04.388
2: Martin Öhlin + 0,123
3: Linus Ohlsson + 0,151
4: Robin Rudholm + 0,199
5: Thed Björk + 0,306
6: Daniel Haglöf + 0,352
7: Alx Danielsson + 0,356
8: Stefan Söderberg + 0,455
9: Mattias Andersson + 0,500
10: Robert Dahlgren + 0,528

12: Richard Göransson + 0,622
13: Fredrik Larsson + 0,731
15: Andreas Ebbesson + 0,962