Good points weekend at Anderstorp

Postad av Mediaempire 2012-09-01 21:12

Martin Öhlin held fourth position, where he qualified, for a long time during the race but had to surrender and finish fifth in the final laps. A result he had mixed feelings about. samsung custodia outlet “I’m happy with the points today and the fact I finished ahead of the drivers I’m fighting in the championship. But I did not drive well today, the tyres were gone very early and I just drove worse and worse after that. The goal was a podium today and I didn’t reach that but nevertheless we scored some good points,” he said. No once could challenge Fredrik Larsson on raceday at Anderstorp. The BMW Dealer Team-driver led from start to finish after having started in pole position and he had the race in his hands. “It was perfect. cover samsung custodia The race turned out to be a dream scenario for me. The start was good and I could keep the lead going down to turn two which was key. custodia samsung s7 edge I knew that I could control and get a gap after that and it worked perfect. I was a bit worried about the tyres towards the end but not even that was a problem. custodia huawei outlet I felt safe after qualifying and knew we had a great car today. A great job by everyone at WestCoast Racing,” Fredrik said. Richard Göransson’s day at Anderstorp went from bad to worse. Gearbox problems in qualifying meant he was unable to qualify and had to start last. In the race he flew through the field and was up at seventh place after just a few laps and had a pace that looked good for a sensational podium. samsung custodia But then bad luck struck again and his engine lost power and he fell down to a ninth place. Another point for the fastest lap of the race was of little comfort. “It really doesn’t go our way this year. This was a strange race, from the beginning I felt something was strange with the engine and it gradually got worse and worse. Towards the end I couldn’t even get up to sixth gear on the straight. The car was awesome and despite engine problems I could overtake several cars and a podium finish was possible today. It’s very frustrating when you get hit by things that are out of your control. A point for the fastest lap isn’t of much comfort but I just have to greak down and them come back again for the next race,” Richard said.