Good pace but no points at Red Bull Ring

Postad av Mediaempire 2012-09-13 10:46

A quick pit stop and a couple of laps free from traffick. That’s how WestCoast Racing could climb from 30th on the grid to 16th place at the finish. The weekend at Red Bull Ring didn’t yield any points as the BMW-teams struggled to get competitive on this track. custodia huawei outlet WestCoast Racing did however managed to build on the speed from Saturday and could climb 14 places in the second race on Sunday. custodia samsung italia The key to this was one of the fastest pit stops of the race as soon as the pit window was open. Fredrik Lestrup started the race but got caught in traffic behind cars faster in a straight line preventing any overtaking. When the pit window was opened the team chosed to bring him in early for the mandatory driver change and give Martin Öhlin a few laps clear of traffic. This gained him several places. Towards the end of his stint and the race Martin Öhlin also got caught behind slower cars with a straighline advantage and when the race eventually was finished behind the safety car he was prevented to climb any further. Fredrik Lestrup and Martin Öhlin finished 16th overall. ”I’m pretty pleased with my stint,” Martin said. iphone 8 plus custodia ”We did a very good pit stop and I managed to get a few clear laps and could set competitive lap times. Unfortunately I got stuck behind a Camaro for a few too many laps before I managed to get pass. cover custodia huawei The car worked really well today and the tyres held up great. iphone custodia outlet But this was a track where our car just wasn’t competitive and the overall result is not soemthing to be to pleased with. cover shop online We got out most of the car in the end but it wasn’t enough. It was a fun weekend though and a good build up for me before my next race weekend in Sweden and TTA already in five days. cover iphone 6 plus custodia outlet I already look forward to my second GT Masters weekend in two weeks time at Lausitzring.” ”I had a very messy first stint and I’m not so pleased,” Fredrik Lestrup said afterwards. ”The start was chaotic and I had to go off track to avoid spinning cars in front of me and this cost me a few positions. After that I was stuck in traffic and it was the right decision to bring me in early and get Martin out in clean air. This was a tough weekend for us where our car didn’t suit this track.