Öhlin claims first TTA-podium in eventful race

Postad av Mediaempire 2012-09-18 17:15

Martin Öhlin claimed his first TTA-podium with a measured drive to third place in a chaotic and eventful race at Gelleråsen. The WestCoast Racing-driver has been solid the whole weekend with fast times in all sessions and he didn’t put a foot wrong in the race despite tough racing and tricky conditions with light rain and slick tyres. “It must be my moustache,” Martin laughed afterwards. “It’s been good this weekend, I’ve finally come to grips with how to drive these cars and then we get the results. It’s an incredible feelting and I even had to bring out some Nürburgringexperience when it started to rain while we were out there on slicks.” Martin could consolidate his second place on the grid despite a start he himself was less than impressed with. He then chased down leading Ekblom hard despite two restarts after safety car periods. Towards the end he feel back a bit and got caught by Thed Björk whom he was unable to keep behind. “My start was a disaster to be honest and it destroyed my plan for the race. Nevertheless I could follow Ekblom closely and felt I was a bit faster than him but not enough to be able to pass. I backed off a bit to save the tyres for an attack towards the end of the race. Instead Thed caught up with me and I was unable to keep him behind me without destroying the tyres completely. At the end of the day it’s a good result and we have started the second half of the season just as strong as we hoped for.” The other WestCoast Racing drivers were victims in a chaotic start. Andreas Ebbesson got out of the mess with a damaged car and could salvage sixth place. cover shop online Richard Göransson got hit from just about very angle and finished two laps behind. Fredrik Larsson was forced to retire on the first lap after being a victim in the same start incident as his teammates. “It was a serious trafic jam there and everyone hit everyone,” Larsson said. “I managed to stop the car but then I got hit from behind and was pushed into Richard who was pushed into the next car. cover shop online Usually it ends bad when it starts bad and that was how this weekend was for me. I must fight back at Anderstorp!” Last race winner Richard Göransson was visibly dissapointed after a tough day from start. samsung custodia s8 “The first lap was just chaos and I just tried to stay out of it but it was cars everywhere,” Richard said. custodia huawei p smart “I expected it to be tough but it was even worse than I expected. We had a car to fight for the victory with today even from way down the grid but it was not to be.”   Result, top 10 Anderstorp 1: F. Ekblom 2: T. Björk + 0,803 3: M. Öhlin + 2,184 4: L. Ohlsson + 2,537 5: R. Dahlgren + 10,049 6: A. Ebbesson + 13,348 7: A. Danielsson + 14,108 8: S. custodia samsung outlet Söderberg + 15,865 9: R. Rudholm + 19,340 10: D. Haglöf + 20,317 12: R.